Lemnos is the eighth largest island of Greece with an area of ​​476 square kilometers and the fourth in coastal length (310 kilometers). It is located in the northern Aegean, in the Thracian Sea, between Mount Athos, Samothrace, Imbros and Lesvos. Together with Agios Efstratios they constitute the province of Lemnos in the prefecture of Lesvos. The capital and main port of Lemnos is Myrina, named after the wife of the first king of the island, Thoanda. Until 1955, Myrina was called Kastro, a name that prevailed in the late Byzantine period and is still formally called by the older Limnians.
Lemnos is a volcanic island. Although it has no forests, it has extensive fertile plains cultivated with cereals and vines. It also has beautiful and clean beaches and is an island ideal for a relaxing holiday. The main occupations of the inhabitants are livestock, agriculture and fisheries. Also, tourism, trade and the maritime professions. The island's population is approximately 17,000, according to the 2011 census (in 2001 the population was about 18,000).